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Imperial Officer Uniform Hat - Also works as a basic cap pattern

Instructions for constructing an Imperial Officer Hat:

You will have the following amounts of pieces cut out:

Piece Checklist:

____ 4 Flap
____ 2 Crown
____ 2 Visor
____ 1 Top

Linig Fabric:
____ 2 Crown
____ 1 Top

____ 2 Flap
____ 2 Crown
____ 1 Visor
____ 1 Top

Heavyweight Stabilizer:
____ 1 Visor
Imperial Officer Hat
It is highly recommended that you press your seams flat between steps. This will ensure the most polished, completed look.
Before you sew your pieces together attach the Interfacing...
If you are using fusible interfacing, trim the seam allowance off of the edges and fuse to corresponding FABRIC pieces on WRONG side. fusing interfacing
If you are using sew-in interfacing, sew interfacing to corresponding FABRIC pieces on WRONG side, and trim 1/4" of Interfacing edge. sew-in interfacing
1. Sew a line along Visor STABILIZER 3/4" from outer edge. visor fig.1
2. If you are using sew-in interfacing, sew interfacing to corresponding FABRIC pieces on WRONG side, and trim 1/4" of Interfacing edge.  visor fig.2
3. Sew a line along Visor outer edge STABILIZER 3/4" from edge. visor fig.3
4. Cut along the seam line to remove seam allowance from STABILIZER.  
5. Flip Visor right side out and press. Beginning at outer edge, topstitch lines 1/4" apart. Continue to sew lines until you are about 1 1/4" from inner edge.
Note: It helps to hold the visor in a curve when topstitching (shown) to prevent puckering. You can also iron the visor on a tailor's ham to reinforce the final shape.
6. Pin and sew Crown fabric pieces together at sides, matching notches. sewing visor lines
7. Repeat step 6 for Crown Lining.  
8. Notch upper edge of Crown with your scissors - but do not cut past the seam allowance.  
9. Pin hat Top to Crown, matching circles on Top to seam lines on Crown at the front and back of the hat. pin crown to hat top
10. Topstich through seam allowance and fabric 1/8" from edge along the top of Crown. This will help to stabilize the hat and give a more polished look. topstitch hat crown
11. Repeat Steps 8 - 10 for Hat Lining.  
12. Pin and sew Flap pieces, WRONG sides together along notched edge.  
13. Turn flap out, press, and top stitch 1/4" from top edge. topstitch hat flap
14. Baste flap opening closed.  
15. Pin and sew Flap to Crown in the front, matching Flap center to Crown seam line. hat flap and crown assembled
16. Repeat Step 15, but this time attach the 2nd Flap to the back of the hat. The back flap will overlap the front flap a little bit on the sides.  
17. Sew along bottom edge of hat at the 5/8" seam allowance.  
18. Sew Visor to the front, matching center circles to crown seams.
Note: The visor will be very stiff - take care not to stick your fingers with the pins!
sew visor to hat crown
Another option is to pin only the CENTER of the visor down to the hat Crown, and stitch from the center out. This will create two seam lines - one from the center to the right and one from center to left. This will help prevent shifting and puckering of the Visor when attaching it to the Crown. pin only the center and sew out to edge
19. Turn Flaps down and stitch along bottom edge of Crown 1/4". This seam will NOT be visible when the hat is completed. topstitch bottom edge
20. Turn Flaps back up over Hat Crown.  
21. Press the lining edge under 5/8".  
22. Pin Lining into hat, matching Crown seam lines.  
23. Handstitch the lining into the hat along bottom edge.  
24. Turn back Flap down. Tack the front Flap down with a small stitch to prevent bulk. tack front flap down
  completed officer hat
25. Attach the Greeblie to the front flap. Your hat is finished! Imperial Officer Hat

Click here to download the full pdf pattern. - File Size - 600k
(You can right mouse click on this link and "Save Target As" to your computer.)

hint image When you print out the pattern, you will need legal size paper. To ensure proper sizing, while in the Print screen, make sure you select "Legal" as the paper size and "Actual Size" (not "Fit to page") as the settings. If the pattern prints and doesn't fill up the entire length of a legal sheet of paper, then something is set incorrectly in the print settings. And of course if you allow the pattern to be scaled down, it will obviously not end up sized properly.

To purchase the Greeblie for your hat or other areas of the uniform, please visit our Links Page

All pictures, themes, and characters referring to Star Wars are copyright © Lucasfilm, Ltd. or their creators. No copyright infringement is intended - all images are being used for costume study and research and is covered under the fair use clause of copyright law.

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