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How To Hem Jeans AND Keep The Original Hem

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Did you know that you can shorten a pair of jeans AND keep the original hem? Well, you can! And I’ll show you how to do it. If you hem a pair of jeans with a traditional hem, even if you match the original topstitching thread color, it will usually be obvious that the jeans were hemmed. There’s a way to keep the original hem, so you can keep the original look of the jeans, but tailor the length to fit you better. […]

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Shopping Guide: How to Pick the Right Dress Form

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This quick guide will help you decide which kind of dress form is best for your needs and answers some of the basic questions such as What are the differences? and What should I look for? Guest post by Cara Pierce from The Shop Company. […]

Star Trek Inspired Christmas Stockings

Star Trek Inspired Christmas Stockings

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I’ve seen various Star Trek themed Christmas stockings out there and have been itching to make my own for a few years now. I used a pattern I’d already designed for CyberSeams back in ’07, but added two cuff styles and seam allowances (so the pattern is newly revised!) This pattern is also great for non-Trek themed stockings! […]

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How to Knit – the Basics


This video will show you the basics of knitting including how to cast on, make basic knit stitches, and bind off or cast off. – CyberSeams.Com […]

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