CyberSeams is the place for sewing and knitting tutorials and tips, free knitting patterns, and craft project ideas. I provide as much information as possible to share with you.

A little history…

My name is Janet, and this site is primarily written and maintained by me. I’m a professional artist and also help run an IT company, but on the side, I like to make things. It began when I worked on a big costuming project for a fan film back in 2006, in addition to sewing most of the outfits for my Star Wars/castle themed wedding later that year. I realized that if I shared what I was doing, others might be able to benefit from what I’ve learned (and from my mistakes!).

That was right when YouTube was just getting started, and it was pretty difficult to find good tutorials on some subjects online. Smart phones weren’t a thing, and not everyone had a video camera with them everywhere they went! Anyway, I still love working on new projects, and I too am always learning something new. If you have a suggestion for the web site, my helpers and I thank you for taking the time to contact us to tell us about it.

Which leads us to today

Whether you are interested in sewing your own clothes, upholstering a piece of furniture, or making a costume, we either have an example of it or are working on it right now!

Check out our often-updated How To section for videos and instructions! And again, if you have any suggestions for projects you want to see, or have a pattern or idea you’d like to post on CyberSeams, please contact us!