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How To... All About Sewing and Crafting!

Why Donate to CyberSeams?

    At the moment, CyberSeams is completely free to anyone who wishes to use the information contained on this web site. The intention behind the site was always that anyone who wants to learn to sew, craft, or knit (which we currently focus on) should be able to do so. Not everyone had the stereotypical white haired grandmother to teach them these things. That shouldn't stop you from learning! These are great skills to hone, and if you're not careful you might even have a little fun with it!

    That being said, if you feel the urge to support CyberSeams through a donation, we genuinely wish to thank you. Your positive feedback and constructive criticism have helped us make a better site and better tutorials, and funds will always be used to support the site directly.
    Note: Donations are sent to our host company, ActionCore. We assure you that any money donated goes directly to CyberSeams. Again, we humbly thank you!

    For answers to other Frequently Asked Questions, please visit the FAQ page.

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