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How to Braid

The braid, which is also known as a plait, has been around probably as long as humans have walked the Earth. It is a simple thing to make and can be used in numerous projects, from decorative crafts, macramé, hair embellishment, making rope and more.  You can braid rope, yarn, thread, fabric, hair - pretty much any material that is flexible.

Braiding Is Easy!

First, knot or otherwise secure the ends of the strands you intend to braid.  It is helpful if you can pin it or tape the end of it to something stable, so that the piece you are braiding doesn't float all over the place as you work.

nylon thread image

Once your thread is secured, split it into three sections. Take the right piece and place it over the center thread, but not the left thread. The right thread now becomes the center thread.

Braiding Step 1 image

Next, take the thread on the left and place it over the center thread, but not the thread all the way on the right.

Braiding Step 2 image

Now as you look at what you have just completed, your first steps in braiding, your thread should still be separate but you will see the beginning of a braid pattern:

Braiding Progress image

Now you will repeat the above steps all over again. First take the thread on the right and place it over the center thread.

Braiding Step 3 image

Then take the thread on the left and cross it over the center thread. Continue this process until your braid is the desired length.

Click the video below to activate a braiding demonstration:

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