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    I love your videos! Me and my mom knit. She said that she likes your videos THE BEST because it is confusing when people talk, but it is VERY smart that you type the words at the bottom it is VERY helpful! Thanks you are the best! You are the 1st to teach us how to knit. Thanks for all your hard work!! ~ soccerpink99

    After watching your video I was able to knit with some average white yarn on a couple of old ordinary pencils. My Dad says he’s going to buy me some knitting needles and once I master this, I can teach my Mom. Thank you so much!! ~ LadyDamonia

    YOU taught me to knit!!! at 41 years old! 🙂 thank you! ~ kimmey67

    OMG…Finally! Someone who can show me how to knit left handed. I’ve been waiting for this forever! ~ AmyW1205

    (regarding our Left Handed knitting tutorials) Thanks a million for this! learning it right-handed was so confusing for me, but i was able to pick up on this technique right away! ~ tinyknickers

    Oh, I think I may cry! Thank you so much ~ hitshermark

    Best video available for binding off. You made it look so easy! Thank you so very much! Just finished off first completed project; thanks to you! ~ HaPpYEvErYdAy7

    Youtube has helped me a lot in learning knitting and crochetting. English is not my first language, I prefer to follow this video than to read the knitting books. ~ udon890

    Bless you! This is easier to follow than the ‘how to knit’ dvd I bought XD ~ Agaettis

    Thanks for the videos. I was up late on night and I looked up knitting and ur videos taught me how! i’ve made 3 scarfs thanks to your videos! thanks again! ~ twixxbars

    I have tried and tried to teach myself knitting with books and I can’t read a pattern to save my life and I also can’t afford lessons. You are amazing. Thank you so much. ~ joshkenobi

    Fantastic! I was bored this evening and fancied learning how to knit – 5 minutes later, I was sorted. Cheers! ~ JohnElwayFan2

    Thanks for the great tips! Your videos are really informative! ~ Ziegl18

    Your videos ALWAYS make every stitch look so easy. I have learned more from watching you on these videos than I did by taking a class…and these are free. Thank you so very much. You have helped me learn many stitches. ~ HaPpYEvErYdAy7

    I have just knitted my first few rows – thanks to you. I am using my kids colouring in pencils and some kitchen string but it is working!!! I thought I’d better have a go before I bought some wool and real needles. I might actually try this for real tomorrow. ~ multitrackmind

    ~ (We thought this was a brilliant idea for anyone interested in trying out knitting without having to spend a dime. – CyberSeams) ~