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Square Knitted Baby Hat with Pom Poms

Knitted Square Hat image

Here is a super simple knitting pattern for a baby hat. It has a ribbed edge and is knitted in the round, then bound off and stitched closed at the top. Super simple for beginners or anyone who wanted to knit a quick hat! I was able to complete this in a few hours. I've seen a few variations of this pattern out there and decided to write my own. I hope you enjoy!

Items You'll Need

  • Any worsted weight yarn. I used Suger n' Cream Stripes in "Violet Stripes"

  • Size 7 double pointed needles or circulars

  • Size 5 DPNs or circulars for ribbing

  • Yarn needle to close it all up

  • Something to wrap your yarn around if you're making your own pom poms - I used a plastic ruler that I keep with my knitting supplies

  • If you're not making your own, you can use store bought jumbo pom poms

Gauge: 2" = 9 stitches and 12 rows

Sizing: The final hat has a 12" circumference. Using the gauge information, you can add or subtract to make it wider or narrower.

Knit Your Baby Hat

  • Loosely cast on 52 sts on size 5 needles

  • Join the ends and knit in the round using a rib knit pattern (k1, p1) for 6 rows

  • Switch to size 7 needles

  • Knit in the round for 30 rows

  • Bind off

  • Lay the hat flat and stitch the top edge closed

  • Now make 2 pom poms and sew them to the top points of the hat

  • Weave in all loose yarn tails

That's it! You're all finished!

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