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Crafts Basics!

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     Summary is restricted to 500 words or less. Articles should be no less than 550 words. If the article is over 1,200 words, you might consider breaking it up into 2 or more articles and linking them together with a Part 1, Part 2, etc, in the name and allow them to link to each other in logical order. Make sure to include alt and title tags for all links and images you choose to include within the article. Be mindful of every opportunity to utilize keywords throughout the body of your ar ...   Read Entire Article...

How To Make Felted Cat Toys
     This pattern will show you how to make a felted kitty toy - complete with Catnip and feathers! You can also use it to make dog toys (for small dogs) and as decoration. The project takes about an hour to complete.   Read Entire Article...

How to Make a Glass Refrigerator Magnet
     Ever wanted to make those awesome glass magnets you see everywhere, but want them to have a personal touch? Or maybe you're looking to make a customized gift for someone - something you can't find in any stores. Well here's our tutorial showing you just how to make them!   Read Entire Article...

How to Make a Pom Pom
     This tutorial shows how to make a pom pom with yarn, scissors, and a ruler. Forget that pom pom making gadget! You probably already have everything you need to make pom poms in your sewing room, office or knitting basket.   Read Entire Article...

Costuming Resources
     If you're looking for costumes and supplies, look no further! We have an extensive list of suppliers here, ready to fulfill your needs! We've got a list of suppliers for costumes, costume making supplies, props, wigs, fairy wings, leather working, and more.   Read Entire Article...

How to Dye Wool Roving With Kool-Aid
     Learn to dye wool roving (or any wool, actually) with Kool-Aid! It's fairly fast, simple, and costs very little to do.   Read Entire Article...

How to Braid
     The braid, which is also known as a plait, has been around probably as long as humans have walked the Earth. It is a simple thing to make and can be used in numerous projects, from decorative crafts, macramé, hair embellishment, making rope and more.   Read Entire Article...


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