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Sewing - The Basics!

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Star Trek Inspired Christmas Stockings
     I've seen various Star Trek themed Christmas stockings out there and have been itching to make my own for a few years now. I used a pattern I'd already designed for CyberSeams back in '07, but added two cuff styles and seam allowances (so the pattern is newly revised!) This pattern is also great for non-Trek themed stockings!   Read Entire Article...

Sewing Resources
     Check out our list of Sewing Resources! Includes information leading to sewing machines, pattern making suppliers, dress forms, wardrobe supplies, and more!   Read Entire Article...

How to Clip Curves on a Seam Allowance
     When sewing a garment, it is important to know how to do simple things like clip curves. Major pattern brands often show a wedge being cut out of the seam allowance, but this is unnecessary.   Read Entire Article...

What is a Bartack Stitch?
     Chances are that if you've ever seen a pair of blue jeans, you've seen a bartack.   Read Entire Article...

How to Sew By Hand - Basic Stitches
     In this article we will cover some basic hand sewing techniques: the straight stitch and the whip stitch.   Read Entire Article...

How to Attach an Eyelet - Attaching Grommets
     Grommets (also called eyelets) are one of those things that seem to really separate homemade garments and bags from store bought ones. They're incredibly useful for utility-type items (bags, curtains, tarps) and can range from making something look more sturdy to more elegant. And you don't have to purchase expensive equipment in order to attach them to your project.   Read Entire Article...

How to sew on a Button – Basic Sewing Skills
     Being able to sew buttons on is a simple skill that everyone probably should know how to do. How many times have we been getting ready for a meeting or an appointment (or other important event) and had a strategically placed button pop off? To replace a button, you'll need a new button (or if you were able to salvage the old one, use that), thread, sewing needle, a pair of scissors, and (optionally) Fray Check.   Read Entire Article...

Seam Allowances and Finishing Edges
     What is a seam allowance? Why is it important? Seam allowances provide a couple of important functions. The main reason is, without seam allowances,. our seams simply could not exist! The seam allowance is the extra space between the stitched seam and the raw edge of the fabric.    Read Entire Article...

What belongs in Your Sewing Kit?
     Anyone, including the beginner, needs to have a stocked sewing kit. You don't need to spend an arm and a leg, and in fact, some of the items you need for your kit will probably already exist in your home! The following items should be present in any sewing kit. These are the absolute essentials. Over time, you will be able to decide what you need more of (if anything) and what can go away but overall, these are the most important items.   Read Entire Article...

How to Lengthen or Shorten a Pattern
     Lengthening patterns is easy to do when you have purchased a pattern from one of the more popular pattern companies (such as Mccalls, Butterick, Vogue, Simplicity, etc.) but you can use this knowledge to alter ANY pattern   Read Entire Article...

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