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All Things Knitting!

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Square Knitted Baby Hat with Pom Poms
     Here is a super simple knitting pattern for a baby hat. It has a ribbed edge and is knitted in the round, then bound off and stitched closed at the top. Super simple for beginners or anyone who wanted to knit a quick hat! I was able to complete this in a few hours. I've seen a few variations of this pattern out there and decided to write my own. I hope you enjoy!   Read Entire Article...

Mens Adult Knee Length Socks - Designed For A Larger Calf
     I made this knitting pattern for mens knee length socks for two reasons. One, I wanted to make a long sock that would fit a larger man's calf (up to 17" diameter), and two, I wanted to make it quickly! So this pattern uses the DK weight yarn of your choice.   Read Entire Article...

How To Knit Eyelets In Stockinette and Garter Stitch
     After receiving a request for an example of knitted eyelet stitches, we actually came up with two. These are the most basic examples we could think of but once you master it, there are links at the bottom of the article to more complex (and free!) patterns.   Read Entire Article...

Knitting Pattern Help: Lacy Mesh Pattern Using The Continental Method
     Special thanks to our viewer Nina who submitted part of a pattern she needed help with! This tutorial uses a two row repeating pattern that involves knit, purl, yarn over, purl 2 together, and edge stitches. It is demonstrated using the Continental Method of knitting.   Read Entire Article...

Knitting Tips: What Is An Edge Stitch?
     Every so often you may come upon a knitting pattern that references an edge or selvage stitch. What is it? Well, it's a simple concept that probably sounds like more than it is.   Read Entire Article...

How To Make A Knitted Gauge Swatch
     Learn to make a gauge swatch for your knitting project. This helps to ensure that the pattern you're knitting is properly sized when completed.   Read Entire Article...

Womens Chunky Clog Socks
     I made these chunky socks to wear with my clogs. I must say, as soon as I put them on my feet, it felt like I was walking on cushions - but I can still wear my shoes with them, which is what I'd intended. These socks have a ribbed cuff and ribbed instep for comfort and a close fit.   Read Entire Article...

How To Purl Left Handed
     This tutorial and video will show left handed knitters how to do the purl stitch.   Read Entire Article...

Knitting a Scarf Pattern That Has Yarn Overs - Left Handed Knitting Pattern
     If you are a left handed knitter struggling to learn to knit stitches, check out this pattern. We put together this tutorial for a simple scarf pattern that involves yarn overs, dropped yarn overs and basic knitting skills.   Read Entire Article...

The Yarn Over - for Left Handed Knitters
     Here's a quick explanation and demonstration of the Yarn Over for Left Handed Knitters, also seen in knitting abbreviations as "yo".   Read Entire Article...

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