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Knitting Pattern Help: Lacy Mesh Pattern Using The Continental Method

Lacy Knitted Pattern image

Nina wrote us and shared a few lines of a pattern that she is having trouble with.

The knitting pattern reads as follows:

    First row: 1 edge stitch, *p1,k2,1yo,sl1,k1,psso),p1* end with edge stitch
    Second row: 1 edge stitch, *k1,p2,1yo,p2tog,k1* end with edge stitch

Spelled out, this means:

    First row: 1 edge stitch, *purl 1, knit 2, 1 yarn over, slip 1, knit 1, pass slipped stitch over)*, *repeat items in parenthesis as many times as you wish, then end with an edge stitch.
    Second row: Edge stitch, (knit 1, purl 2, 1 yarn over, purl 2 together)*, repeat items in parenthesis the same amount of times as you repeat them in the first row, and end with an edge stitch.

Video Tutorial Of This Pattern

Here is an example of this pattern being knitted. Since Nina knits using the continental method, I am doing this video using that method. Also, I used size 8 (US) needles (here is a conversion chart if you do not use US sized knitting needles) and worsted weight yarn.

For Right Handed Knitters:

Left Handed Version:

In my video example, I demonstrate the pattern as it is shown here without being repeated on the same row. If you did repeat the pattern, it would look like this:

Knitted Lace Front image

Knitted Lace Back image

To make this pattern into a scarf, loosely cast on 26 stitches. Repeat the areas between the asterisks four times, repeating both rows until the scarf is the desired length. Bind off.

Helpful Hints To Making This pattern

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