How to Straighten Out a Wrinkled Sewing Pattern

Sometimes you find a pattern you REALLY like, but it never folds up like it did when you first bought it! The result? A wrinkly mess crammed in the envelope. Here I show you how to straighten those winkled sewing pattern pieces quickly and easily!

Do not try this on areas that have been taped – the tape might melt! Try to organize your pieces by flattening them out on a table or the floor. Heat your iron to a low setting. If you find it isn’t working for you, you can always turn the iron up. The goal is to heat the paper enough to relax the sewing pattern without scorching it. Once the paper is straightened out over an ironing board, pass over the paper gently with your iron. And voila! Your pattern is like new.

Click below to view the video!

By the way, this is a great way to straighten out wrapping paper, tissue paper, paper napkins, homework assignments, or any other paper item! Just remember to start with the lowest setting! You want to straighten the paper out, not burn the shape of your iron into it!