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Holiday Craft Ideas for Everyone - Complete List!

Category : Holidays

Quick DIY Halloween Wreath
     I used some items from the craft and dollar stores, plus things found at home, to create this Halloween wreath in less than an hour. Super simple!   Read Entire Article...

How To Make A Clothespin Toy Soldier
     I learned to make these ornaments from my husband's grandmother. They're so simple to put together, and they're one of those things that always makes me think of the winter holidays.   Read Entire Article...

Felted Easter Eggs
     An easy way to make Easter decorations, and a fun project for kids! Check out this simple felted Easter Egg project using items from your local craft store. Embellish them with beads and ribbon for a glamorous touch!   Read Entire Article...

Holiday Punch Needle Ornaments – Mounted Onto a Greeting Card
     This neat little project shows you how to make an ornament with a punch needle, and optionally mount it on a greeting card as a gift and card all in one   Read Entire Article...

Make a Home Made Greeting Card - Free Pattern!
     I really enjoyed making this project. There's been so many times where I wanted to make a custom card but just didn't know where to start. With this project, you have a starting point. All you need to complete the project is some ribbon - preferably a thinner ribbon because the thick stuff will tear large holes in your paper - optional thread, some heavy card stock paper, glue, and a printer to print out the base pattern.   Read Entire Article...

Make a Fabric Gift Box
     We've got a great (and fast!) fabric covered gift box pattern. What's the best thing about it? There's very little sewing involved! If you can do a basic whip-stitch and know how to cut fabric and use an iron, you can do this! This is a great gift idea and you can use up those old fabric scraps, trims and beads. Plus, you can customize the box to any occasion!   Read Entire Article...

How to Sew a Crazy Quilt Christmas Stocking
     This is a great project if you want to make something one-of-a-kind! It's a great gift idea as well. The principles behind assembling the crazy quilt fabric can be used to make anything with this fabric. In this case, we're going to make a Christmas stocking, but you can easily continue adding onto it to make something larger like a bed quilt, tote, pillows, clothing, anything!   Read Entire Article...

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